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Aviation Carrier Scholarship

In a June 2019 report CNBC quotes Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg who believes the growing shortage of pilots represents “one of the biggest challenges” facing the airline industry. The pilot shortage is so accute that there has been talk of reducing the pilot experience hours below the current 1500 hour requirement.

While the AEF cannot solve the pilot shortage, we do hope to assist where we can. Offering financial aid to aspiring pilots and those seeking an aviation related carriers can help. Joining other similar organizations in promoting and encouraging aviation carriers can make a difference.

This scholarship is open to anyone who is persuing their pilots license, advanced rating or education in an aviation related field.

In direct relation to fund raising success, one or more scholarship recipients may be selected.

Scholarship Recipient Requirements

1 – Acceptance and commitment to an aviation related university, curriculum or training program.
2 – Demonstration of a passion, interest and history in aviation.
3 – Demonstration of a well rounded person who is a benefit to their local comunity.

2022 Scholarship Application Period:
Applications will be accepted between Jan 1, 2022 and Dec 2, 2022

Click here for the 2022 Application Instructions

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